The Network has been established on 21st of May 2008 in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia.

Mission / Vision:

The main aim of the network is reaching and exploiting synergies and new business / development opportunities in order to develop and strengthen the competitiveness of the individual clusters and their members (or stakeholders).

  • Education and knowledge transfer
  • International Research and Development projects
  • Bilateral and multilateral collaboration
  • Connection of experts and researchers
  • Connection of companies - new business opportunities
  • Individual clusters' and Network development
  • Clusters' and Network promotion

    Fields of activities:
  • Exchanging of information useful for cluster members' and cluster development
  • Exchanging of project ideas, creation of project consortiums
  • Searching for possibilities for public funds acquiring
  • Creating possibilities for bilateral and multilateral collaboration
  • Organizing matchmaking events for companies
  • Education, sharing knowledge
  • Promotion campaigns for wood and furniture products on the regional level
  • Collaboration with other clusters' networks

  • The network does not appear as legal person but as an informal decentralized form of collaboration.
  • The Network shall operate on the principles of equality, transparency and openness for collaboration.
  • The network is open for new Members or Associated Members.
  • The Members form The Network Assembly which directs Network activities.
  • Every half year The Network is led by a different appointed Member.
  • The Network Leader acts as an active agent who coordinates agreed activities.

    The Network Leader in the period from January 2015 onward is Mr Bernard Likar, Wood Industry Cluster, Slovenia.

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