SEE programe, Project ID:WOOD, Clustering knowledge, Innovation and Design in the SEE WOOD sector. 15 Partners from 9 countries; Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia & Hercegovina. Duration: 2012-2014.

 7.FP programme, Project NEXT1KOAT, Developing oa a new 1K PU water-based coatings based on seaweed with wide applications potential. 10 partners from 5 countries; Spain, Germany, UK, Malta and Slovenia. Duration: 2013-2015.

 FP7 Programme, Project FREEFOAM, Development of a new manufacturing process of PU foam by reducing the concentration of free isocyanate using technology of functional microencapsulation of isocyanate. 9 partners from 6 countries; Spain, France, UK, Slovakia, Israel and Slovenia. Duration: 2013-2016.

 Programme MED, Project ECOMOVEL, Eco Design of Furniture. Partners from: Portugal, Italy, France, Spain, Greece and Croatia. Duration: 2010-2013.

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 7.FP programme, Project IN2WOOD, Forest Clusters Development and Implementation Measures of a 6-Region Strategic Joint Action Plan for Knowledge-based Regional Innovation. 13 Partners from 6 countries; Italy, Germany, Ukraina, Slovakia, Switzerland and Austria. Duration: 2010-2012.

 7.FP programme, Project SILENTWOOD, Multilayered wood-based exterior doors with enhanced acoustic insulating properties for dwellings, sanitation and educative centres. 9 partners from 5 countries; Spain, Italy, Poland, Sweden and Slovenia. Duration: 2010-2013.

 FP7 Programme, Project ECOVARN, Development of a wear-resistant, functional, regulation-compliant Water-borne Wood Coating. 9 partners from 5 countries; Spain, Italy, Germany, Cyprus and Slovenia. Duration: 2010-2013.

 CORNET Era-net programme, Project HCHOlessWOOD, Development of low Formaldehyde Wood-Based Products (WBP). 4 partners from 2 countries; Germany and Slovenia. Duration: 2010-2012.

 Programme of Bilateral Official Development Assistance by the Republic of Slovenia, Project ODA SLO-SRB Wood, Support to Serbian Wood Processing Industry at accession to international market. Partners from: Serbia and Slovenia. Duration: 2010-2011.

 LdV programme, Project KnowFORwood, Transfer of innovative practices in the Vocational Education & Training to Slovenian Wood Sector. 7 partners from 3 countries; Greece, Ireland and Slovenia. Duration: 2008-2010.

 CORNET Era-net programme, Project VOClessWOOD, Application of advanced wood coating materials and techniques to meet the requirements of the EU VOC-directive. 8 partners from 4 countries; Germany, Cyprus/Greece and Slovenia. Duration: 2008-2010.

 EUREKA programme, Project E! 3558 EUREKA Elisa, Electro spindle with intelligent solutions and applications. 6 partners from 3 countries; Greece, Italy and Slovenia. (Finished)

 LdV programme, Project INNOVAWOOD EDU, Expanding good practice in education in the forestry - Wood chain sector through the Innova Network, 15 partners from 14 countries; Ireland, Germany, Spain, France, Finland, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Schwitzerland and Slovenia. Duration: 2006-2008

 LdV programme, Project I-MODEL, Business model for implementing of innovation processes in company performing in EU, 5 partners from 4 countries; Greece, Slovakia, Sweden and Slovenia. Duration: 2004-2007


 7.FP Programme, Project WOODWISDOM Era NEt2, Networking and Integration of National Programmes in the Area of Wood Material Science and Engineering in the Forest-Based Value Chains.

 6,FP programme, Project EFORWOOD, Sustainability Impact Assessment of the Forest-based Sector. (Finished)